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Life Support Litter


The Life Support Litter is a foldable emergency stretcher that enables patients to be carried up and down the stairs and transported in an ambulance with all life support systems in full operation - without interruption.

It is specially designed to use in conjunction with the HLR - 601. It contains necessary equipments to continuously sustain life at the scene, which includes a heart-lung resuscitator, compartment for 2 small oxygen tanks, suction pistol and esophageal obturator airway, an IV pole, head cushion, foam padded liner and dust cover.

This product has the following features:

  • It is designed especially for use by emergency medical technicians, military medics, paramedics and fire/rescue personnel
  • It fits on standard ambulance stretcher for uninterrupted cardio-pulmonary resuscitation en route to hospital
  • It has on-board capabilities for providing CPR
  • It is rugged, strong and versatile
  • It weighs only 20 KG (without oxygen tanks) but will carry up to 180 KG
  • It opens up to 200 CM long and 50 CM wide (56 CM at the head)
  • Foldable storage size of 33 CM deep, 56 CM wide and 107 CM high

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