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The Heart-Lung Resuscitator (HLR) 601 -- Accessories

Esophageal Obturator Airway (EOA)


The Esophageal (Obturator) Airway Kit (EOA) is designed to establish and maintain an airway in seconds on an unconscious patient so that effective resuscitation can be given anywhere under almost any condition. It can be inserted into the esophagus and isolates the stomach from the airways by an occlusive balloon located below the tracheal bifurcation. It aims to prevent gastrointestinal inflation and regurgitation and to provide ventilation.


Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway (EGTA)


Designed to manage airway emergencies, such as out-of-hospital resuscitation, that can not be safely handled in the field with an endotracheal tube. The Esophageal (Gastric Tube) Airway Kit (EGTA) adds a Levine tube to relieve gastric pressure. The Esophageal Airway Kit is NOT an endotracheal tube but the best available alternative for emergency airway management during out-of-hospital resuscitation.


Phlegm Suction Device

  • It has special negative pressure structure.
  • It can work with most type of air supply.
  • When in use, maximum negative pressure is not less than 60kpa.
  • Small, light and convenient.
  • Operated by hand and doesn't consume power.
  • It is not easily damaged even if dropped.
  • Easy to use.