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The Heart-Lung Resuscitator (HLR) 601 Accessories EGTA


  • See-through Mask – It provides a clear view of the mouth for easy detection and swift aspiration of gastric materials.
  • Inflatable Tube Cuff – It permits complete blockade of the esophagus, preventing air from entering the stomach and gastric contents from entering the lungs during breathing cycle.
  • Soft Seal Face Mask – It is fully adjustable, it can form a seal.
  • Radiopaque, soft plastic, esophageal tube – it can be clearly observed on x-rays.
  • Universal Fitting on Mask – It can be used with both bag-valve and pressure-cycled resuscitators.
  • 18 fr Levine Gastric Tube – it enables removal of materials from the stomach and relieves gastric and lower esphageal pressure.
  • MaskAccessPort – It allows easy pharyngeal aspiration without removing the mask.
  • Syringe – It provides convenient tube cuff inflation and mask cushion-seal pressure adjustment